Today a package from my friend arrived! So glad as I thought I have to wait until next week as the tracking said it was in customs ^^;

The package contained loads of wonderful items for my spoilt girls! :P Thank you Nyan godmama XD! Nyan has been hand making tiny doll miniature food and accessories, do check out her very informative blog at Over the Silver Moon!

Mokotan made off with the cute miniature foods :P Om nom nom…


Mokotan… you gonna get a tummy ache!

Wahhhh so many O_O

Stack em up!

Thanks so much! XD

I did a joint order with Nyan for a couple wigs… They were rather cheap but hmmm I dunno, quite a bit of fly-away hair, I had to trim the back of the wig and put waterwax on the bangs before I can take any photo :P after trying it on Nyan then Himitsu, I think it looks better on Himitsu ^^; The white bag is from Build a bear (a present – waaah) I think, and it looks fabulous :3

The other wig went to Mirai chan

When I saw the tray with the eraser food, I WHOOPED and LOLed XD It’s hilarious as I couldn’t find it locally at the Daiso (Maybe I was looking at the wrong place) but I WAS looking for this XD! It was a lovely surprise :3

The tray is perfect for the waitress pose too ;P

Nyanko is testing out the other top design, no stains so far… Knock on wood ^^;

For the hard work, she got some tea… XD

Taiga didn’t get photographed (oops) but I made a video of her having her hair/wig brushed XD

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19 Responses to Doll’s Loot

  1. bcotaku says:

    rawr! Taiga isn’t happy that her face isn’t filmed!

  2. Smithy says:

    Nice loot. The wigs do look ok in these shots after you groomed them.

    You start brushing from the bottom? Interesting. *makes note*

    • chun says:

      yup! cos when you start from bottom and slowly work your way to the top, you’ll get less tangles ^^ if you brush from top to bottom, you’ll probably stuck with tangles in the middle and more likely to ruin your doll’s wig ^^;

  3. kuraikawai says:

    I’m hungry now xD…….

  4. Pinkwing11 says:

    Cool Video :) lol, and all that food has made me hungry now!Too bad it’s to late for me to eat now ^^;

  5. Miette-chan says:

    Love the food, I think I will drop by Krispy Kreme today.

    I like Himitsu’s wig, it almost looks as she just grew her hair out from the style of her previous wig.

    • chun says:

      hehehe yummmm krispy kreme… haven’t had that for a while ^^;

      I actually am thinking of rehoming that wig ^^;

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