[ Dollfie Dream Geta ]
– an improvised project.

[Dollfie Dream Paper Bunny Ears ]
– Dollfie Dream, can be adapted for other dolls.

[Halloween Paper Hand Puppets]
– This template will fit blythes, Licca and dolls with similar sized hands.

[Halloween Paper Wings]
[Halloween Paper Wings – printer free version]
– This template will fit blythes, Lati yellow and dolls with similar shoulder size and height.


[Dollfie Dream Socks – printer free version ]
– Dollfie Dream, can be adapted for other dolls.

[Santa’s Hat pattern – printer free version]
– Blythe, can be adapted for other dolls.

[Xmas Stockings – printer free version]
–  Any dolls with feet, even human size is possible.

[Sewing a Simple Camisole]
– Blythe, back can be adjusted for similar sized dolls.

PS: Check out [ Jadepixel Doll Lab ] by a talented doll owner for a bunch more awesome resources on Dollfie Dream pattern/sewing etc!


[Kips for tightening loose joints]
– Mini Dollfie Dream joint adjustment.


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