This site is about puppy52’s dolls, toys and dolls related crafts :D
Why “52”? I was told by a girlfriend 52 looks like a heart shape as a pager code, I guess since domains like puppylove, puppyluv were long taken up, I’ll use puppy52 for my first online gallery. Puppy52 had stuck for more than 10 years now and over period, puppy52 expanded into dolly related area under puppy52doll. And now Puppy 52 dolls (with the extra “s”)  is born in 2009!

Below is photo taken July 5 2009 at our previous home office.

This expanding doll hobby all started with one blythe doll, over time it grew and extended into other types of toys and hobbies like making clothes, to entering a “Blythe beauty contest” (Which included conceptualizing, customizing and sewing for the base doll)…

Loosely translated of above:
Based on the song Mary had a Little Lamb. The pull ring forms the collar for the puppet lamb and so the two (Daisy and Clover) are always together. Wiggle your finger and you can show off the lamb puppet. How very cute!

More on Daisy and Clover

I have also met many new friends who share the same love for the hobby. In 2009 I joined forces with 2 talented girls, Yuki and Mai to create another custom blythe – Glacier Lily, for the Blythe Beauty Contest 2009, and we managed to become a finalist as well!

While I am currently distracted with my love for Volk’s Dollfie Dream, I still love my blythe dolls, and time to time I still get tempted…  Currently, I have them displayed in my “Sewing Dungeon” as my husband fondly nicknamed it, mainly due to that that little nook of a room does not have any windows. But I like that it is a cozy place I can get creative (=Messy ^^; ).

Below is photo taken May 8 2010. Big thanks to my husband for helping me sort out the shelves :)

I still do some part-time illustration work time to time, and post my art on when I get a chance to :) Some of my more current illustration works are done for notably Mirai fox and Working Mirai‘s images. It was thanks to Danny that I got hooked onto Dollfie Dream. ^^;  I was also had the pleasure to work with Danny to create some doll clothing for Danny’s lovely Dollfie Dream musumes.

Since I use a laptop, I tend to move around in the house depending on the most optimum conditions to work with.  My work space was being featured on Otacool and now Otacool 3 too ^o^!

Below is photo taken Nov 16 2009, we just moved in and the Dollfie dream girls were finally set free from their box ^^;

Thanks for reading to this far! :) I may add more or edit the contents later :)

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    HI Saria, thanks for your comment, and I appreciate your follow! I started making blythe dolls clothes since 2004-5 I think? I think making small clothes is good training. Eventually I started making Dollfie dream clothes from around 2009, even then it takes a lot of trial and error before I am happy with what I make actually ^^; Keep trying and good luck!

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