Dollfie Dream comrades!

Had a very intense Sunday (27 Nov 2011), after very little sleep on the night before ^^; was probably running on sheer adrenaline :P

Thank you Haku1923 for meeting up at short notice, sorry I felt like I crashed your DD display table ^o^;> It was super awesome seeing Sora and Aura in person, my photos does not do them justice… please ask Sorahomu chan not to shoot me… XD;;

Very very happy to meet a few blythe friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time (thank you Matin, Lisa and Natsuko for coming to meet me <3!!!) After having a late lunch with a couple blythe friends, I rushed off to join my husband who was checking out Danny’s filming of Culture Japan, which unfortunately I missed most part of >_<; To see more please check out Danny choo’s blog post and NagatoPyon’s post!  :D we were lucky to catch Teddy again, and other than Danny’s lovely waifu Jay, I met for the first time Syaoran and his sweet girlfriend Mi-chan, and also NagatoPyon’s kind partner, AND  not forgetting the gadget guy Steve Nagata ^o^!!!!

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Rest stop

Our room had a magnificent view! We checked in in late afternoon and was welcome by a beautiful sunset~!

Really lucked out on this!
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Kinkaku ji

We went to Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto on a public holiday in Japan (23 Nov 2011)… Terrible idea!  Not only there’s a LOT of tourists, there’s a LOT of locals visiting too ^o^; It was “people mountain people sea” – a direct translation of a chinese saying… :P

Husband said it felt like there’s 10,000 people in the park with us >_< a lot of the pathways are almost always full of people, it was stressful, ^^; I think I was so stressed I couldn’t smile when I was in pix :P

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Aki at Kamo Iris garden

We were very lucky to have a friend and her kind husband take us to Kamo Iris garden and really lucked out on the decent weather and the lack of crowds when we went!


Here’s the official japanese website of the Kamo Iris Garden ^^/

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Culture Japan Headquarters

Lucky enough to catch Danny choo and waifu when they came back from AFA and bonus, dans of Thumbnail of Life when he realised we were in town via twitter ^^;

Just before nomnoms~ XD

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Aki visits Ueno Park

Today decided to take Aki with me, since we’re going to Ueno Park :)

Initially I was contemplating to have her wear something else, but thought maybe another time :P

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Dollfie dream in Japan~

あなたはIDOLL にいきませんか? Are you going to IDoll?

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New Doll?

Not mine haha! Lightning Sabre brought his spanking new Meiko Dollfie Dream for a visit :3

Beautiful face up on an SQlabs head done by Navci of 2 of Hearts :)

Clothes by me ^^/ To see Aki in this outfit you can check my previous post :D

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Shiny background

Testing out an arrangement in my tiny sewing dungeon last night.

A while back, we bought a stick thingie which can be adjusted to fit into the shelving unit and I temporarily attached a piece of draping fabric to to it to work as a background ^o^/

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Meiko dollfie dream cosplay

Happy Birthday to?


Can you guess?

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