Dollfie Dream comrades!

Had a very intense Sunday (27 Nov 2011), after very little sleep on the night before ^^; was probably running on sheer adrenaline :P

Thank you Haku1923 for meeting up at short notice, sorry I felt like I crashed your DD display table ^o^;> It was super awesome seeing Sora and Aura in person, my photos does not do them justice… please ask Sorahomu chan not to shoot me… XD;;

Very very happy to meet a few blythe friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time (thank you Matin, Lisa and Natsuko for coming to meet me <3!!!) After having a late lunch with a couple blythe friends, I rushed off to join my husband who was checking out Danny’s filming of Culture Japan, which unfortunately I missed most part of >_<; To see more please check out Danny choo’s blog post and NagatoPyon’s post!  :D we were lucky to catch Teddy again, and other than Danny’s lovely waifu Jay, I met for the first time Syaoran and his sweet girlfriend Mi-chan, and also NagatoPyon’s kind partner, AND  not forgetting the gadget guy Steve Nagata ^o^!!!!

Guess what, I was too overwhelmed to take any decent photos of iDoll… yes I feel embarrassed >_<; my husband’s eyes were as big as saucers when I told him I didn’t take any photos with my big camera in the doll show… :P Any blurry photos I took with my iphone was of people’s backs covering the actual tables ^^;;;;;; Below are examples of my blurry iphone photos :P The really neat thing is, before the door opened, everyone queued up orderly and did not need any separation to stay in line! It was really impressive!

After walking through three floors of tables, when me and Lisa reached the last floor/table, we could finally heave a sign of relief LOL! It felt like we held our breath when we walked around… At first I was thinking of making a 2nd round, to see if I can buy some more stuff, but we decided okay that’s it for the afternoon and decided to take it easy ^^;! Before that I went to check out Haku1923 and his friend’s table ^o^ Sorry I didn’t introduce myself to everyone properly ^^;;;>

Eeep XP

So sweet <3~!


Fast forward ^^;;;;

Danny’s cool Saber chan <3 I think I only started to take out my large camera to take photos because during filming we were supposed to keep quiet ^^;>

Who’s this? ^^;;;

Syaoran’s custom girl ^^! Merry ^o^

Before we started eating, we put our girls on the side so we won’t dirty them when food fly around :P

Saber tan… kawaii!

Very yummy fried fish :9!

desserto, almond jelly with mixed fruit :3

Someone stole Aki’s body for the evening :P More about her later ^^;;;

One of my favorite photo of the evening, too bad it’s a bit blurry ^o^;>

Syaoran’s other custom girl, Corti ^o^

Danny’s lovely Karin <3

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Seems like you were going all over the place. I can relate, sometimes I completely forget to take pictures when I’m too overwhelmed or preoccupied with something, even when I specifically went someplace to take pictures.

    Many things going on, must have been fun.

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