Vivi adventures continue…

Before some Vivi photo spam, I want to thank Namo san of d*d*mod for linking up and featuring! :D We are very happy and honoured (^^)/! Domo Arigato Gozaimasu! And Namo san has quite a few beautiful dollfie daughters, do check d*d*mod for more!

This afternoon, I went for a hair cut and after that I went to meet my husband at a bubble tea place near the hair salon. Vivi came along ^^/

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Vivi in the sun

Before I start with the photos of Vivi, I wish to thank (たいたんnoページ) for featuring by linking to some of our doll entries here :D Domo arigato! Thank you those who visited, we hope you enjoy the photos! (^o^)/!

Once a week I go to a mall in our area to help a friend watch their toy shop, during nice weather like this, I try to walk rather than take the bus, it’s good exercise and I get to take some good photos along the way to work. And Oh, Vivi is wearing a test sewing meant for blythe, but turned out fit her better ^o^;

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Vivi and Betsey out and about

Both Vivi and Betsey are wearing my sewing :) Vivi’s actually wearing something meant for blythe ^^

Recently the website for my team’s entry for blythe beauty contest – Glacier Lily, has been updated by our team leader, Yuki, with japanese version and some extra “Making of” photos! ^o^ We were informed by the kind staff of CWC that Glacier Lily has arrived safely in Japan – she will be to be exhibited along with the other wonderful entries at Omotesando Hills and later to be voted on at the exhibition. Online voting will take place from 11:00 a.m. on June 23 (JPT) and voting will close at 5:00 p.m. on July 1 (JPT). Detailed information to come!

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More test sewing!

Took some time to do some test sewing between errands and appointments ^^;  I have plenty of stuff/ideas I’d like to make, just not enough arms at the moment ^^;/

Yoshi (one of our furry kids) was very curious what was going on when I was taking photos ^^; Had to stop him from coming too close — Normally keep cats far away from my dolls as cats tend to like to do naughty stuff like try to lick/chew on the wig or clothes ^^; Currently the cats are not allowed in our office where we have wires and materials around ^^;

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Pants for Dollfie Dream

Having some time off this week, so found some time between hanging out with family to work on yet another commission for Danny’s dollfie dream daughters. Please note, this blouse was a test blouse I made a while back, the one Danny commissioned for is tweaked to fit better than my first try. ^^

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Blythe on a cruise

Been a while since I seriously taken some blythe doll adventure pix ^^; When I was on a family cruise I had to bring a girl with me, and Jeannie was the most appropriately dressed for the occassion, so I just grabbed her along ^^;

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Zaku Mania!

One of my personal favorite mobile suits is Zaku (other than Dom) and imagine my delight when my bossfriend came by and showed us a couple new stuff he gonna eventually have in his shop :P

And yes we had fun LOL

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