More test sewing!

Took some time to do some test sewing between errands and appointments ^^;  I have plenty of stuff/ideas I’d like to make, just not enough arms at the moment ^^;/

Yoshi (one of our furry kids) was very curious what was going on when I was taking photos ^^; Had to stop him from coming too close — Normally keep cats far away from my dolls as cats tend to like to do naughty stuff like try to lick/chew on the wig or clothes ^^; Currently the cats are not allowed in our office where we have wires and materials around ^^;

The top Mirai is wearing still need some adjustments as I do not like how the armhole area is looking a little strange still ^^; Non related note, Yoshi looks like a cat in doll size? lol

Nosy Ginko (the grey girl kitty) decided to come into the shot too … I ended up moving Mirai to the table near by, but lighting was less ideal unfortunately ^^;

I’m kinda picky about how my sewing fits so often it takes a few tries before I finalise a pattern ^^; There are times where I have to make notes on the pattern to remind myself that certain patterns work for cotton may not work for say, tee-shirt knit fabrics ^^;

Below is my first try to make the top, unfortunately this one is meant to fit M-bust better ^^; You can see some strange folds on the side between the sleeves and the shirt part as Mirai currently uses the L-bust.
Gotta take a better photo of  the top sometime ^^; (Picture below was taken a bit too quickly at night)

Omake picture taken by my husband when I was sewing ^o^

Danny preferred the pants for his daughters to have a bit more flare on the pant leg, and I wanted to try out a lower waistband style so I merge it into yet another test pants, below are some photos ^^/ (Mirai is probably gonna keep this pair for her hard work ;P)

With a lower waistline, Mirai can actually sit down like in the photo below, but the opening at the back opens up as the fabric used to make her pants are not stretchy. I will be looking into a different way to close the back. And oh, chibinezumi commented that the material I used is called chambray (thank you!) :D 


Due to the construction and hardness of the doll body, the groin area does not fill out the pants like human flesh so there is some wrinkles in the pants around that said area, especially after she sits down. 

When she stands straight it is still possible to adjust such that the wrinkles around the groin area are minimised.

Want to try adding side pockets and such eventually :3

Thanks for following my slow progress in making an outfit from scratch! :3

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