Pants for Dollfie Dream

Having some time off this week, so found some time between hanging out with family to work on yet another commission for Danny’s dollfie dream daughters. Please note, this blouse was a test blouse I made a while back, the one Danny commissioned for is tweaked to fit better than my first try. ^^

Currently having an agreement with Danny to make clothing for his lovely girls, which keeps me pretty busy along with my illustration work with CDE. It’s a great pleasure and I am very honored that he trust my sewing work enough to commission me for them ^o^!  On a side note… anyone know how to grow extra arms? ^^;

One of the items needed in the set included a pair of pants, so I have to start from scratch – make pattern from paper and do some test sewing, adjusting it for a few times. 

I made the closure at the back to reduce bulk from doll velcro. I’ll probably look into trying out using zippers as closure either at the side or the back in future.  In picture below, in the reflection can still see a hint of the velcro peeking out when my Mirai chan change her leg position ^^;

Danny requested that I make the waist part higher as his daughters prefer to wear their tops over the pants. I’ll probably need to make the blouse a little bit longer for a better look :3 

I did not include a waist band for this version to reduce bulk around the waist. I want to make a pair of lower waist pants for my own Mirai Yukino chan when I get a chance to!

Photo below, her glasses was covered by the card she’s holding lol!

ETA: I fixed the part between her thighs a bit, it now fits better ^^ Took a couple quick pix with hub’s flash (speedlite 580EX ii) and my canon XT ^o^

Tried making a different type of skirt too…

You may have seen Mirai wearing it when I posted my entry for Danny’s latest give away contest.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @yamada thanks! and oh I wonder if it was due to sankakucomplex stuff you posted before? cos I believe Danny mentioned more than once (on blurbs) not to repost stuff from there ^^;

    @kmyk indeed ^^; it makes it more troublesome to make darker clothing for sure!

  2. yamada
    yamada says:

    that pants and skirt are really sexy XD and btw Chun I got problem today on DC cause I can’t upload any news and update myself at the blurbs T^T maybe Danny thought I’m spamming but I didn’t did anything like that. I feel like lost contact with you guys, I feel very lonely now…

  3. chun
    chun says:

    @kmyk I’d like to make a pair of darker pants the drawback is jeans are big culprit in staining soft vinyl which is what Dollfie Dreams is made from ^^; I mean I can line the pants and all but if her hand touches the jeans she could potentially get stained and it’s basically pain in the bottom lol!

  4. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    Mirai looks very leggy in those pants~ But I think those pants would look even better if they were a dark blue and have you seen one of those high waisted jeans with the buttons? They are the ones that are tight all the way up to the waistline. She could really pull one of those off! It would be a bit tougher to make though. :)

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