Doll’s Loot

Today a package from my friend arrived! So glad as I thought I have to wait until next week as the tracking said it was in customs ^^;

The package contained loads of wonderful items for my spoilt girls! :P Thank you Nyan godmama XD! Nyan has been hand making tiny doll miniature food and accessories, do check out her very informative blog at Over the Silver Moon!

Mokotan made off with the cute miniature foods :P Om nom nom…


Mokotan… you gonna get a tummy ache!

Wahhhh so many O_O

Stack em up!

Thanks so much! XD

I did a joint order with Nyan for a couple wigs… They were rather cheap but hmmm I dunno, quite a bit of fly-away hair, I had to trim the back of the wig and put waterwax on the bangs before I can take any photo :P after trying it on Nyan then Himitsu, I think it looks better on Himitsu ^^; The white bag is from Build a bear (a present – waaah) I think, and it looks fabulous :3

The other wig went to Mirai chan

When I saw the tray with the eraser food, I WHOOPED and LOLed XD It’s hilarious as I couldn’t find it locally at the Daiso (Maybe I was looking at the wrong place) but I WAS looking for this XD! It was a lovely surprise :3

The tray is perfect for the waitress pose too ;P

Nyanko is testing out the other top design, no stains so far… Knock on wood ^^;

For the hard work, she got some tea… XD

Taiga didn’t get photographed (oops) but I made a video of her having her hair/wig brushed XD

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    • chun
      chun says:

      LOLOL you so funny! thanks for spotting the tray and eraser food XD so awesome! I was looking for it here but couldn’t find (Maybe they ran out or I was looking at the wrong place ^^;)

      • snowfern
        snowfern says:

        omg today while out i saw got glittery pinku ones!!! :O :O :O it’s quite nice to me, now that i think about it i regret not getting it T_T but i have no use for the ugly erasers XD if you want, ask nyann :P

        • chun
          chun says:

          eh? which glittery? tray? LOL This one is perfect tho XD I love how the teacup and plate fits just perfect for the dollfies girls :D

  1. nyann
    nyann says:

    Hi hi! I was in Malacca for the weekend, didn’t see this post but omg! That tray looks purr-fect~ Have to thank Cindy/Snowfern for pointing it out. Glad you loved all the presents – and that build-a-bear bag wow – looks good!

    • chun
      chun says:

      awww hope you had a nice time! :D and YES it is perfect XD I will thank her nao, after I reply U LOL thanks for spoiling us <3! ;P

  2. Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass
    Michelle "Ms. Geek" Klein-Hass says:

    My sweeties need om noms. I’d like to know how to make them. Re-ment works well with 1/6 scale but I need to make 1/3 scale because it’s Yumi, Z and Nami who get all the photostory love at this point…they just seem more expressive if you know what I mean. Most recent photomanga I did, Zetto actually ACTS, I swear. He looks totally embarrassed by what he’s doing and that’s all photographic angles and posing conveying the emotion. Give that boy an Academy freakin’ Award! ^_^

    • chun
      chun says:

      I’m curious to learn how to make them but I think I have too much stuff I want to make, and not enough time ^^; I’m actually a bit afraid of your boy :P I think I prefer more anime-ish features I guess lol

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