Arietta Project eyes

Came across photos of Arietta Project eyes by lulufoo on and had to find a way to order them! If you’re interested in what you see here, you can find their resin eyes products on their website at and get updates on their facebook page.

Taiga tsuntsun head (DDH01 custom) is wearing the 22mm T-05 (Lime) eyes, I’m really liking the style on her ^^

I ordered two pairs of the 22 mm eyes, and actually went back and ordered another two pairs of 24mm (waiting for them to be processed) I had Taiga try on the 22mm eyes, they were a bit small for my other heads I had laying around ^^;


Taiga dere head is wearing the 22mm T-04 (Purple) eyes, I took a bunch of photos then realised the eyes is slightly lopsided on the computer (oops) so ended up only picking two photos.



My order came in an envelope containing a small shipper box, and each pair of eyes are encased in a plastic container (wrapped together with bubble wrap – not pictured) and some type of foam padding holding the resin eyes in place.

The other two pairs of eyes in size 24mm I ordered are T-05 (Yellow) and Momo style (Original) and I will post photos when I get them ^^/

Past versions of Taiga:
version 3!
version 2
version 1

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