Dollfie Dream Bikini 2

Here we have Nyanko modeling *cough*someone‘s*cough* bikini order… ^^;;

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Taiga’s new outfit

Long time no Taiga? ^^; I was going to make something for the bigger girls then I remembered that I have not been giving Taiga much attention…

I felt guilty and end up making her something new ^^; It was a good experience tho, I got to try something out and used a lovely new fabric I got recently :P

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Dynamite Blouse

Phew ^^; Kept spark90 waiting for quite a while now, thanks again for waiting patiently for me to work on your items!

Blouse for DDdy body normal bust  is the first item I got to, took around 3 tries to reach this stage, the necktie is a mock version, to see how it looks.

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Dollfie Dream Bikini 1

Was supposed to make some items for Danny moons ago, but got interrupted over and over ^^;;;

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Artfire stuff

Thanks! Currently all gone, processing orders over the weekend!

Those who purchased the items, thanks for the very quick payment!  Kindly note also it is a long weekend in Canada (Monday is a holiday), so there may be a delay in postal processing as well ^^;

I’m thinking of making bikini sets for next batch of items after these ones are processed :) so stay tuned! Also want to make more hot pants for DDII ^^;/

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Mirai is ready for Summer

One of the items which I have been tweaking over and over is a bikini top, summer is coming very soon and the dollfie musumes are excited and demand some summer gear!

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Nyanko and etc

Nyanko asks if you would like some Tea and Dango?

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Puppy Love on artfire

Currently processing orders, thank you all so much!  More to come in the coming weeks!

I’m just trying out selling on artfire, I hope it is not too difficult to use for those who are interested to purchase some of my sewing ^^;/ AND I would love to have feedback if you have problems using it.

Thanks again everyone for waiting patiently, I still have a few items, some already completed, some in progress, will be working on releasing them gradually over time!

Coming soon…

I wish to thank namo san for kindly posting so many beautiful photos of his DD musume (I think it is a custom Yoko) wearing my sewing on d*d*mod here and here! I am so touched!!!  Thank you very much! ^o^!!

The items for online updates are coming soon, I swear! Here’s a couple sneak previews from omake of the product shots!

I was intending to finish taking product shots last friday, but I overshot my schedule when I was sewing the shorts for DDII =_=;;

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Mirin and Nyanko

First off, I want to thank Mai and her sister for kindly help me sell my sewing at the doll show! I heard that the items were sold out (wah!) and I am very very grateful to those who went to buy them, I hope to prepare early/more items next time (*^_ ^*);;> Domo arigato gozaimasu!

Took Mirin and Nyanko to a doll meet on Saturday, and managed to take some outdoor shots of them :D It was cloudy at first and turned into a gorgeous  sunny afternoon ^o^/

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