Dolly take out

And now there are two :) worked on a 2nd one for a bit after lunch :P some details in previous post ^^/

The box was from a recent wedding we attended hehe :) just the right size for these little ones ^^ It is not easy to paint their faces on a fabric ^^;

Hand made doll

By a friend’s recommendation that I get dolly*dolly volume 16 for the tutorial, I finally bit by bit completed one which I am somewhat okay with today :P My first doll looks like a piece of doodoo ^^;;; This 2nd one is not entirely completed even, have to add the shoes when I have time ^^; she stands at about 2 and half inch tall ^^/ will make a cute doll for my dolls no?

Photo(s) of the moment at Whytecliff Park

Taken at Whytecliff Park
Lemonbuttercup flaunting her beautiful hair…

Omake (behind the scene) by my hubs

Blythe Charity Auction set by Puppy Love

5 items includes dress, underskirt, a pair of socks, a bow sewn on a hairpin, and wooden giraffe.
final value of the auction will be donated to Sovi Lavi (Saving Lives).

(Auction completed, thank you!)item number: 130255549553
5 items includes dress, underskirt, a pair of socks, a bow sewn on a hairpin, and wooden giraffe.
(Doll and shoes not included!)

The dress and underskirt will fit licca bodies, and loosely on Obitsu 21 cm bodies.
An example:

Socks fit more snugly on blythe and licca bodies.

Elliot (MSD)

Elliot is my hybrid doll, she’s MSD size around 43+cm tall (Never really measured).
Her head is Bee-A from Dream of doll her body is Narae, pinky white from I keep her all wrapped up in a cabinet because too much sun can cause accelerated yellowing to the french resin ^^;  Don’t get me wrong, I love the translucent feel of french resin but I am not sure if I really want to deal with yellowing and having to change Elliot’s body so many times it gets a bit tiring.  I hope in future when I actually have some spare cash I can invest in a Utherane Narae body — not anytime soon tho ^^;

This top’s pattern is heavily modified (almost recreated) off the Doll Coordinate Recipe #4’s Unoa pattern.   I recalled the first couple test pieces were ill fitting disasters :P  This book currently discontinued and I won’t link to somewhere which the book may get sold out, so please search online if you really want to get a copy.

Anyhows, had an idea for an outfit for a while, so took out some modified patterns from what a year + back and tested sewing :) recreated a pattern to get a base pattern I need (still need some tweaking) This version the area under the chest has a bit too much wrinkles, so I gotta fix that ^^;/