Adventures of Mokotan~ 8

Yesterday I got out to deliver my items to Mai chan ^o^(she’s on the plane as I write this XD)

I managed to sneak Mokotan into my bag as it was a really beautiful day, how can I not even try to bring a little doll with me for photoshoot? Flowers above are Forget Me Nots ^^

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Doll Show 28

Before I start, I must thank Mai (Mai Little Alien) and JET SET for including my work at their booths even tho I cannot physically go there myself this time, information in Japanese and English here~!

I still have a bunch of stuff to do (oops) but after taking some photos of the final items… gotta document it :P

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Two piece swimwear

I was haunted by a particular anime’s two piece swimwear for a while nao (Can anyone guess what it is?  No prize tho LOL), wanted to make it ^^;;;;  After I did some pattern testing, decided to take a break to sew something for hardworking Himitsu :P

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Taiga the donut angel

Taiga was feeling a little neglected as I was busy working my bigger Dollfie dream girls hard in preparation for the Doll Show.  When I made the teeshirts for Mai’s dolls, I noticed that the teeshirt for Mai’s Unoa will fit Taiga pretty well, so decided to let Taiga convince me to make some new tee shirts specially for her ^^;

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Puppy Love x Mai Little Alien

When Mai (Mai Little Alien) asked me to help her make some basic white tee shirts for her doll kids’s promotional display for Doll show, of course I said yes!  Today Mai brought her doll kids over for fitting and impromptu photoshoot.

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Hot pants for Dynamite body

Another test piece, the pattern still need a little adjustment, Nyanko’s happy she scored it for now :P Took some day time photos of/with Himitsu in her bikini too :D

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Bikini for M-bust

Himitsu scores a test top for Dollfie dream M-bust ^^;

Photos taken with Lumix LX3 so they’re all a little distorted ^^;

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Test sewings ^^;

Doing some warm up sewing before I tackle some other sewing work ^^;

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Was really glad I was able to bring Nyanko out for some photo shoot during the week when we were busy ^^ Glad that some of the days was really nice out too :D

Nyanko at Steveston ^^/

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