Test sewings ^^;

Doing some warm up sewing before I tackle some other sewing work ^^;

Mirai is actually wearing the school uniform I made a while back, but I readjusted the snaps opening as I sewn them in a hurry at the time I made it ^^;

Also it was a bit loose for the L-bust, but fits the Dynamite body okay :)

Skirt somewhat fits, but her curvy hips filled it up a bit too much lol

I bought a cute camouflage print and made a test top for Nyanko :3 Unfortunately the sleeves turned out a bit weird ^^;

Then Himitsu got to try out a readjusted top/dress thing which didn’t work out for the Dynamite body ^^;  I had to take in the back quite a bit, and under the arms, but I was glad that I didn’t have to throw my attempt away ^^;

Himitsu totally working it for the camera ^^;

Guest appearance Nyanko :P

My sassy girls <3

Thanks for peeking ^o^/

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  1. Tony Rayo
    Tony Rayo says:

    Hey Chun, sadly I won’t be out and about until later this year, even then I don’t know if there are any good doll stores in the D.C. area (I will do some research). Do you know of any online sites where I can buy a base doll (and maybe some small accessories or fabric in small quantities). I would happily buy some of your old dolls (although I don’t see you as ever throwing away a doll, lol) but that seems like a lot of work for you even if I paid fairly. Just let me know via Twitter DM or if you can see my e-mail that works too. Thx =).

    • chun
      chun says:

      You probably want to check out http://volksusa.com and sorry I am not selling my dolls, except maybe for 1-2 blythe dolls later :P The dollfie dreams are too expensive to just “throw away” ^^; Sometimes the dolls are produced in limited numbers, so the price of even an older doll could actually go up rather than drop, just so you know ^^;

      • Tony Rayo
        Tony Rayo says:

        Thank you for being so helpful as always. I think I will stop eating for a month (I need to go on a diet anyway) so I can afford some nice Dollife “blanks”.

      • Tony Rayo
        Tony Rayo says:

        Oh wait, I kept saying Dollife, like Doll + Life, but it’s Dollfie? It’s great to know that this exists in the US! I hope to find a D.C. chapter for competitions and stuff I would travel though.

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