Was really glad I was able to bring Nyanko out for some photo shoot during the week when we were busy ^^ Glad that some of the days was really nice out too :D

Nyanko at Steveston ^^/

In this entry, I will share some indoor and outdoor photos of Nyanko accumulated over the time I was unble to sit by the computer ^^;

It was a nice day out, felt almost like summer some point in time, the sun was quite warm, my human company looked like they were getting a tan when we had our lunch out on the patio ^^;

There was quite a lot of people out and about due to the nice weather and I hear some whispered remarks about my doll by both children and adult lol

I tune them out as I was busy trying to take pictures of my hot model… LOL

She definitely looks like she’s enjoying the day :D Just remembered, I bumped my head on the railing when I was taking photos here ^^; I think I was more embarrassed about that than me taking photos of Nyanko ^^;

Prior to the outtings, I had Nyanko wear some of my previous sewings ^^;

The top was made for L-bust DDII body, so it fits a bit strange on her very curvy DDdy (Dynamite) body ^^;

Really like her big optical eyes and sweet smile :P

I also think the hat fits her the best ^^

Bikini top is an order by Danny, to replace the one I passed to his Dollfie daughters when we visited Japan last summer ^^; Below was taken indoors, and one of my favorite of the lot!

Maybe his daughters’ bosom got bigger ^^;, the snap fastening of the older top I made got loose.

This time the new bikini top will be fastened by tying at the back ^^/

Till next time! :D

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  1. bcotaku
    bcotaku says:

    Waa!! Nyanko’s soo cute!! The DDdy body suits Nyanko alot! =O And the clothes are so pretty!
    And a growing bosom? Seems like you’ve gotta make more undies for your girls =O
    I love the hat alot ^^

    • chun
      chun says:

      Well Nyanko’s Yoko Dollfie Dream, with a special Dynamite body :3 Really love it! It’s a bit hard to dress the curvy Dynamite body as it’s easy to make them look “fatter” than they really are ^^; Glad U like the hat :)

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