Super Dollfie dresses

Made a couple Super Dollfie sized dresses with a couple edited patterns based off some Dolly Mooks I have.

I don’t own any Super Dollfies, but I wanted to make something for a dolly friend of mine who’s getting married very soon :)

I got to know said friend from one of the local doll meets, and the wigs which Himitsu and Nyanko wore I actually purchased them 2nd hand from her XD

I got Himitsu to model the dresses for me since her bust size is somewhat close to the Super Dollfie dolls -I remember seeing somewhere before that Dollfie Dream can wear some of the SD clothing.

Himitsu borrowed Nyanko’s wig for a little bit XD

Nyanko‘s “default” wig is actually too big for Himitsu ^^; Nyanko has a really big head ^o^;

One of Himitsu’s ear was covered when I put it on her ^^;

Back to the other wig :P



Himitsu looks cute as a blond too!

The blue fabric with cherry and tulips print on it is purchased from Japan a few years ago ^^; I couldn’t bear to use much of it, but this time I feel that there’s a good reason to use it XD


Glad the red bow worked out :3

SD size clothes is quite loose on Dollfie Dream ^o^; If I ever make a dress like this for Dollfie Dream I will have to adjust the pattern ^^

Think anyone of you will be interested in this type of clothing?

I probably won’t make too many of these type of dresses, they do take up quite a lot of material which I may not have enough of, since when I bought these fabrics at the time, I had the smaller 1/6 size scale dolls in mind so I did not buy enough ^^;

Feedback is welcome ^^/

Thanks for looking! We wish our friend and her husband to be a very wonderful and happy marriage :)

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  1. Pinkwing11
    Pinkwing11 says:

    Oh my! I find it incredable how talented you are and how much the wigs can change the wat the dolls look :) Very Cute <3

    • chun
      chun says:

      There are more talented people out there than me ^^;/ And yes the wigs definitely make a big difference to the doll’s look! :D

  2. Nurie
    Nurie says:

    OHHHHHH they are just the perfect little models!! *_* i feel so lucky and honored to be able to have such wonderful creations >..< they fit really well on this body *__* thank yous o much.. i'll be out most of tomorrow though so i'll see if i can take photos T__T;;; cant promise anything.. huhu.. ToT today was out most of the day too..

    • chun
      chun says:

      They are quite loose so I hope they fit okay on your girl! :D Please don’t worry and take your time, just lemme know if they fit okay, photos can come later ;)!

  3. tsubasa
    tsubasa says:

    i would love to see these clothes fitting Dollfie Dreams and would buy. The fabric and your dolls both make the dress beautiful. Love them!

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you :) I hope to come up with something in future then ^^ I may not be able to make many of each version due to amount of each fabric I have lol Making these take more fabric than usual ^^;/

  4. PrettyCranium
    PrettyCranium says:

    These look fantastic and the fabrics are so cute! I would love to have this style for DDs as well. Was the first fabric also from Japan?

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thanks for your feedback :) The first fabric is also from japan but I bought it local, it cost probably a few times as much as if we buy in Japan unfortunately ^^; The mark up for fabrics to here are always so costly :(

  5. James
    James says:

    Really great looking designs, I’d know I’d want one. Himitsu really looks great as a blond to!

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