Dollfie Dream Bikinis 2

Another batch is coming! I wanted to list some today but after sewing a lot of the metal hooks and loops onto the bikini tops I had to take a break from it all, I try to be careful but my fingers were pricked time to time by the needle and are quite sore still ^^; But the results… <3!

Thanks to the initial results of the voting on, and overwhelming feedback on twitter (haha I exaggerate a bit XD) I decided to make a few more of the gingham bikinis ^o^!

In fact  I don’t have much of  the fabric left ^^;;;; So this is likely the last of the lot for now, until I find/buy more of that fabric. ^^;

Also please be warned, please do not let your Dollfie daughters wear the coloured bikinis over weeks without checking! My girls wear it for 1-2 days with no problems, but they’re also mostly in a room with no windows — no direct sunlight.  And weather in Canada is generally dryer than in Asia, I wish to make clothes which do not stain dollfie dreams, but it is proving very difficult :( And always a hit and miss!

Himitsu my lovely M-bust musume in the M-bust version ^^/

Mirin my L-bust babe in the bikini made for Dynamite busts ^^/

Service: d… docking… LOL

Preview of the white bikinis with ruffles for the bikini top :D

Himitsu my lovely M-bust musume in the M-bust version ^^/

Mirai my Dynamite babe in DDdy version ^^/

Meow, together!

I will list randomly tomorrow afternoon onwards (Friday in Canada).  Thanks again all those who gave your feedback, sign up on twitter just to stalk the listings!  We really appreciate it!

ETA: For the record ^^

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  1. dvenzo
    dvenzo says:

    hi chun!

    LOVE your work. they are definitely cuter than anything i have seen online.

    i was wondering if you did commission work for dollfies

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hallo, currently am not taking anymore commissions, they take me a bit too long to finish ^^; I have some pending work to be done too, so I have to say no for now ^^; If I ever open for commission I guess I’ll post about it here. Sorry, I’m only one person so I cannot take on everything hope you understand ^^;/

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