Adventures of Mokotan~ 6

Mokotan’s first adventure of the new year! Mokotan is small and light, so I bring her out a lot despite that her body tend to come apart ^^;

After running some errands, we stopped by Garry Point Park after spotting the magnificent sunset view ^o^!

Mokotan braved the cold to come out for some photos ^^;

We saw a cool sculpture in a distance and started walking towards it!

The setting sun’s warm orange and the reds of the sculpture warmed us up a bit?

I put her in the center of the sculpture for a shot

Happy 2010!!!

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  1. Kuraikawai
    Kuraikawai says:

    wooooaaah, kawaiiii :)) Is Mokotan a 25-27 cm dollfie from volks or is another doll type? maybe you said that before, sorry I missed it :S

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