Taiga Aisaka goes out 8 – Whytecliff Park

A continuation of the day when we went to Chinese Garden. We went to a couple more places, trying to find some autumn leaves.

My husband brought me to Whytecliff Park a few times before, I recall it almost always being freezing cold, but this time, it felt quite comfortable probably due to that it wasn’t windy and there was sunlight almost all day.

Before going to Whytecliff Park, we came across a Community Center, which had some interesting forages and went in to take some photos. Unfortunately I forgot to find out the name of the location (oops)!

It was nice to be able to take photos of Taiga with all these structures ^^

Taiga is sitting on a bridge behind her are rocks with some running water — fountains of sorts?

The bokeh behind were from the water splashing down the rocks.

There were less than a handful of people around (Not counting me and company)

Found some red autumn leaves finally! ^o^

Fasto forwardo to Whytecliff Park ^^/ It’s close to evening by now, and the sun is almost setting, hence the rich golden tones in the background.

Sorry it’s the end of the day and by now Taiga’s hair is getting quite unruly from all the action ^^;

She perches on a flat rock near the water :P

Sitting by some Ivy :3

Taking a walk on her own ;P

Climbing down steps ^^;

We stopped someone from coming down the stairs when I was taking these pictures ^^;

Note: for this camouflage printed jacket, the black part stained Taiga’s neck after she wore it over a few days ^^; just want to make a mental note of it so I won’t let her wear it without something inside next time ^^; So if I ever make something with it in future I’ll definitely have to line it o_o;

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  1. mai
    mai says:

    hehehe XD Taiga chan gets to go out so often, I’m jealous! lol
    I should take Daiya out for some Autumn walk in one of these days ^^

    • chun
      chun says:

      Taiga is kinda stuck home now, gonna be packed in to big box with Mirin and Mirai soonnnn she’s been glaring at me from the shelf :P And yes! Do go out with Daiya! The leaves are dropping! lol

    • chun
      chun says:

      Yah! I gonna beat that perverted jacket up the next time I see it :P I enjoyed taking pix of her :) Many I am pretty happy with ^o^

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