Dollfie Dream Tee-shirt

I made blythe size teeshirts with iron ons before, and I finally got reminded that I should try to make a Dollfie Dream teeshirt ^^; I wanted to bring Mirai Yukino chan to the Anime Evolution 2009 at the Vancouver Convention Center one of the days, and felt it is only appropriate if I at least dress Mirai in something which I made ^^;/

Her grey micro mini skirt was very quickly made ^^; the waist part a bit loose so gotta fix that ^^;

I scored Mirai her new boots from the Anime Evolution dealer’s room ^o^

Hat was a gift for my neglected boy doll ^^;, I removed a tag on top of the hat to give it a more nuetral look ^^;/

Mirai at the convention ^o^

Omake ^^; taken by husband ^^; My Neko mimis were made last Halloween :P

Mirai’s new friend ^^; Cleartranquil san ^o^/

Enjoying the day!

Problem: The iron on worked alright for a day, but when I took the teeshirt off by pulling it over Mirai’s head, the iron on near a thinner area (Where the right ear of the puppy mascot is) cracked ;_; The puppy’s face is fine tho ^^;

When the teeshirt is not stretched, the crack doesn’t show, but now I have a new problem to solve ^^;

Danny said I probably should have removed the Doll head before pulling the teeshirt over the neck, that is probably one solution.  Another way is probably have the back open to be closed with doll velcro or snaps, but the teeshirt will look less realistic at the back. What do you think?

Made Mira Suenaga Teeshirt too ;D

Anime Evolution 1
Anime Evolution – sneaky peek

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  1. Kittywolf13
    Kittywolf13 says:

    Is she currently wearing the big bust or little bust? i think im gonna have a hard time dressing my latest DD2 because she has the big bust while the rest of my girls are wearing the normal bust. :3 i might have to commision you for some simple shirts and stuff! :D

    i think if you use a low profile Velcro it wont look too bad. they make some increadiably thin Velcro now a days.

    My original DD2 Natsuki is on her way with me to an anime convention too! :D guess its the year of the DD2’s! XD

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hey! she’s wearing the L-bust (large not little lol!) I’m currently a little too busy to take on any other extra sewing at the moment but I may open shop when I have more time to sew, probably around september, will post the news here when it’s official :) I find that the problem with sewing velcro on stretchy stuff, the area of the clothing gets deformed =_=;

  2. coffeebugg
    coffeebugg says:

    Mirai so kyooot… hhhnnnnngh… anywho, I like the shirts. :D and them pants look nice. I keep forgetting to send an email to you for em pants for DD in >_<; too bloody busy.

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