Dollfie dream picnic

Come to think of it I haven’t really had a picnic in the longest time (years!) too o_o; like actual picnic with food and drinks XD

And thanks to the internet I was able to prepare some sandwiches and bring along with Saya XD Thanks Mai chan for the suggestion :D It was awesome fun and great to have a chance to take some out door photos :) It was really nice to meet Saber Alter chan and Rise chan too ^o^ <3 I must apologize if the colour of the images look kinda weird :P I’m out of practice with outdoor pix, a bit hard to control the exposure and such ^^; Some of the photos were taken on the trusty iphone 4S :)

It was quite hilarious that the first thing we did after we were dropped off at the spot was to set up our girls LOL

The lovely colourful beach blanket and the smaller cinnamonroll towel was brought by Mai ^o^

And dessert was wonderful macaroons from XD

I brought some fruits and sandwiches (egg salad, Salmon/egg salad/pan fried pork slices) X3 The strawberries turned out sour (oops) But cherries thankfully were alright :3 Went well with the cheese Mai brought XD and mmmm sausage slices :9~~ And lemon for the ice tea :D It was quite the spread!

We were near a tourist spot — the hollow tree, and had to try to take a picture of our girls posing there lol Too bad the sun was very harsh — the photos I had are heavily shopped lol, picture below by iphone, and the one after by my camera ^o^;

After that we went to take some random shots in the shady area near by :3 Saya face planted once after this shot -o-; Luckily it was very dry and she was okay except for some dried grass stuck on her clothes ^^; Gave her a wipe down when we got home ^^;

And oh yes… Saya is wearing a wonderful mailittlealien jeans which we managed to wake early and snatch up one of the rare surprise occassion which a webshop was up! I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything on twitter as… I wanted a pair for my girls too! Next time if it happens I will share the information, I promise ^^;;; Please don’t hate me! I love Mai’s works too :) It is a treasure painstakingly handmade which we are very happy to own!

I wish I realised how weird it looked with her hand so near her crotch when I took this picture >_<;

Doh! It’s silly that the better photo of this series was taken on the phone ^^;

Someday I will have to take better photos of Saya and the blue sky! Please check out Mai’s lovely photos of the outting at her blog entry :D

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