Saya relaxing at home

Haven’t really brought Saya out just yet, still a bit wary of over stressing the DDIII body, but I do like how the arms can bend at the elbow a bit more compared to the DDII body. (not shown in this post tho ^^;)

Luckily Saya seems to be okay with chilling at home for now, there are some days the weather is quite iffy tho, but I managed to take some quick photos with my iphone when the weather was more decent…

Testing out a pattern, still have to hammer out the back a bit, but husband approves of the neckline XD

Saya chan has a mature and confident vibe XD

She would get offended if you keep looking at her boobs tho…

Hope to take her outside for real for some photoshoot when the weather turns out better sometime!

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