Cloudy and a little bit of Saya

Had been rather busy, wanted to take Saya out a few times but was foiled by other things ^^;

Earlier today managed to steal some time before making dinner to take her out for a few quick photos before the rainy forecast next week ^^;

Every time I look at Saya I feel that her default wig suits her very well! It is quite amusing really :P

I actually swapped her head out on the DDII L-bust body ^^; Feel worried about damaging her DDIII body :P

The girls have been working hard in the dungeon helping me wear clothes for fitting :3

Hope to take Saya out for more photos in near future! :3

Too bad no blue sky today due to the clouds ^^;

Biked out a little bit further to go to the little patch of beach(?) at Garry Point Park.

There a couple kids chasing and screaming at some seagulls around the area, which was slightly annoying, but I tried to stay as far away as I could from those kids as possible :P

It was nice to be able to pose Saya without worrying about her being blown over by strong winds :P

Sometimes I still lean her on the logs around the beach tho :3

So cute <3!

Hehe was able to take Saya out and run errands at the same time thanks to my trusty Strida Mini! :3

Had to pose Saya on it for a shot or two especially since there was not much breeze :)

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    • chun
      chun says:

      Hehe the shorts are the “mother” of all the shorts made lol I felt like I have to take Saya out a bit when I can XP esp since I worked her rather hard ^^;

  1. Smithy
    Smithy says:

    Saya looks very cute in that outfit, she really embodies a perfect mix of girly cute and mature appeal. Lovely! ♥

    I can has? =P XD

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