Mini Dollfie Dream clothes

Dug up some pattern books to make clothes as a birthday present for a friend’s Unoa. ^o^ Remembered that some clothes I made for Narae body, Taiga’s mini dollfie dream body can actually wear it, so I thought I should let Taiga try it out and take some quick photos before I wrap it up. ^^

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Puppy Love Pink & Chocolate set

Documenting photos for a listing for Dollfie Dream DDII normal body (M-bust) ^^;

Auction ended, items been packed, shipping latest tomorrow (Sunday)! Thanks for watching/bidding!

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Mai Little Alien jeans

Nyan! Nyanko scored a pair of fantastic Cafe Latte Jeans from mailittlealien at our last visit, thanks so so much Mai chan!!!  >o<!

Nyanko’s very excited having something new to wear and asked me to take her outside and take photos when the weather turned out fantastic today :)

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Flickr group

Requesting dollfie owners who had acquired sewing pieces from me with flickr accounts, to consider adding your dollfie dream musume’s photos wearing puppy love to the Flickr group :)

You will need to send a request to join and you’ll usually be added in 24 hours or so.  Reason I set up the need to request is I want to prevent non related spammers.  I wanted to host images on my website but felt that if in case the owner wish to change the picture or remove pictures they can at least have their own freedom to do so if it’s just adding/removing on the Flickr group :3

If you do not want to join flickr, I can also host your image on my flickr and post it on the flickr group if you like, with a link to your website or contact.  But this will be done manually and may not show up or happen immediately.

Thank you once again for your interest and support!

Double Yokos 2

Oh Hai! Nyanko had been harassing me about visiting her twinnie imouto – Hanbabi (also a DD yoko) who belongs to Mai ^o^/

So when I had an excuse to pay Mai a visit, I brought Nyanko along… Can you tell who’s who? lol

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Summer Doll Meet

Had a small meet with 3 friends on (HOT HOT) Sunday, a gathering before one of them moves away >_<

I feel a little sad but also glad that at least we can keep in touch with the internet! Most importantly we had a nice time when we are together! :)

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Dolls at Anime Evolution 2010

In 2009, I attended my first Anime Evolution in Vancouver Convention Center (past related posts 1/2/3 ). Most cosplayers photos were taken by my husband and I noticed he really enjoyed doing that, so this year I persuaded him to come with me. He took a lot of nice cosplayer photos once again! You can view them here :D

I took Taiga (Mini Dollfie Dream custom) and Mokotan (Mamachapp) with me this time, and only use LX3 as it’s just too many things to worry about to bring a DSLR camera along ^^;

Mokotan below… having lunch with us before we went :P

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Tutorial: Dollfie Dream Socks – Printer Free Version!

Been a while since I last made a tutorial, noticed that the links to the past tutorials are a bit messy (oops!)

This pattern is made to fit Dollfie Dream, feel free to adapt it for other dolls!
You will need to use light colour fabric or a fabric which you know will not stain your Dollfie Dream.  If you want to use a colour fabric, especially dark color fabric, please test it on a part of your doll which is not normally exposed to check if it stains.

In this tutorial, I used a dark grey cotton knit fabric which I have tested on a spare bust piece I have —  I know for sure the fabric I use will not stain my dollfie dream’s vinyl body. I have bad experience with dark sewing thread (black sewing thread especially), so I am using white thread — also, it is easier to see on photos.

You will need:

  • A Dollfie Dream to lend you her leg (or a different doll if you prefer)
  • Light colour knit fabric (example thin tee-shirt material)
  • Paper
  • Eraser (in case of mistakes, or if you are going to trace with a pen after)
  • Pencil (Optional, a pen)
  • Ruler — if you prefer to make a shorter pair of socks
  • Scissors for cutting out the pattern
  • Scissors for the fabric
  • Sewing machine with light thread (not pictured above) Please use ball-point needle for knit fabric!

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Long time no blythe :)

Blythe doll was the doll which got me into the crazy dolly world, and I know I haven’t been playing with them as much as I am distracted by my Dollfie Dreams :P

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Taiga back to school

ETA: a few photos of Taiga with a hair cut a bit shorter ^^;

Taiga has been feeling a bit neglected these days, I feel kinda bad ^^; So over the weekend when we were re-watching a couple of episodes  Toradora! I decided to take some time make something exclusively for her :)

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