Summer Doll Meet

Had a small meet with 3 friends on (HOT HOT) Sunday, a gathering before one of them moves away >_<

I feel a little sad but also glad that at least we can keep in touch with the internet! Most importantly we had a nice time when we are together! :)

I took Nyanko with me, and she’s dressed in sexy summer fashion :P

Glad I was convinced by my friend to take Nyanko out quickly to take photos by these brightly coloured flowers :)

These pix were taken after we had some food/cake/tea etc, but after we got out, it was so hot that we couldn’t stand the heat anymore and seek refuge at Yuki’s place ^^;

We try to find the best light spots for photos XD

Yuki’s little bear :3 Think it came with one of the special edition dolly books?

I find it quite amusing as all of our doll types and fashion are quite different XD I normally do not make/dress my dolls in frilly outfits lol!

Yuki’s Unoa

One point in time I borrowed a frilly dress for Nyanko to try on XD I must say it makes Nyanko look very cute and sweet despite the sexbomb body under the dress ^^;


Change location…

Sexy in frills ^^;

Dangerous location lol, the light was perfect tho! Below is Nurie’s pretty girl, how funny that both she and Nyanko borrow the dress to try on LOL I had some photos of her in another dress, but my photos are unfortunately not very good ^^;


Time passed quickly when we’re having fun ;_; Thanks again for coming out Nurie, have a safe journey and wonderful life in your new home!! Thank you Jean (for lending the dress!) also thanks Yuki for sheltering us from the heat XP!

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Such a shame to have a friend move away. I never noticed about the frilly clothes, but that dress looks really good on Nyanko and your friend’s dollie.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Yah, we only known each other for about a year plus? But well you know I wish her happy in her new life :D The dress can make Nyanko look a little hmm pregnant but I guess all the frilly details made up for it LOL!

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