Taiga Aisaka goes out 6 – Richmond Oval at night

Almost forgot that I have this bunch of photos on backlog ^^; I wa hesitating about taking her out at night as a lot of my photos of dolls taken at night does not always turn out very well.

But I decided to take her at the last moment, and I am glad I did, despite that I had to take a lot of photos and only have some which is semi decent ^^;

There’s not much people around us so I feel a bit more willing to walk further away from her to take photos, resulting in photos which make her look smaller than she looks :P

She’s about 38 cm tall

The Richmond Oval is very brightly lit at night, so that definitely helps with photo taking ^^

I think these loops are meant for parking bicycles but they made for very interesting shots ^^

Lighting bokeh ^o^

I know her pose looks kinda stiff here, but she look so adorable and tiny!

Yes she fell ^^;

Being a trooper, she got up and gave me another great pose!

Posted a few other slightly different pix on figure.fm :)

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