Petite Blythe

I was presented with a Petite Blythe during one of the Blythe doll meets by my friend mydollies4 and I managed to quickly customise her, in time to take her to a Mini Blythe meet in Granville island on Sunday! Oh, her name is Jules ;)

Petite Blythes are small and cute, and portable :P But I find it very fiddly to make their clothes =_=; I made her little dress from one of the Dolly Coordinates pattern :3

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Doll meet at Queen Elizabeth Park

Took Mirin and Pi chan with me to a doll meet on Saturday at Queen Elizabeth Park (QE park for short)

I invited a friend who’s interested in the Dollfie Dream to go as well XD

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Adventures with Aki 2

I had been itching to take a doll out when the tide is low at Gilbert Beach, where I took my Strida Mini before.

Yesterday afternoon finally kicked my butt to do so :P  Interestingly enough, the brown patch under the trees in the background above is actually dried grass, not sand lol!

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Doll’s Loot 3

Mmmm dolly mail loot ^^;

Totally pleasantly spoilt by Mformonkey >_<!!! Wasn’t expecting a hoodie, much less see puppy mascot on it!

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Summer dresses sneak peek

Tons of ideas, not enough arms etc to do everything ^^;

These 3 are test pieces, want to do something which will hide the join on the shoulders.  Mirin (our right hand side) is in L bust, while Himitsu (our left) and Aki (center) are in M-busts :P Read more

Goodies from overseas

Mokotan went out with me to collect a package kindly sent to us from Yuu chan and her Papa :)

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Adventures with Aki

Another verson of summer dress, hmmm not sure about this one yet, probably will make some changes again :P Took Aki out with me on my Strida Mini ^o^

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