Summer in yellow

Catching up with a piece of work I am making for PrettyCranium :)  Sorry to have kept you waiting ^^; Glad I finally got to it!

Below is the first test piece, and the pattern was still being tweaked at this stage. I did not use the fabric chosen for the dress also to be sure I can tell them all apart later ^^

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Super Dollfie dresses

Made a couple Super Dollfie sized dresses with a couple edited patterns based off some Dolly Mooks I have.

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Dollfie Dream Bikinis 2

Another batch is coming! I wanted to list some today but after sewing a lot of the metal hooks and loops onto the bikini tops I had to take a break from it all, I try to be careful but my fingers were pricked time to time by the needle and are quite sore still ^^; But the results… <3!

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Mirin’s summer afternoon

Had a vision of Mirin among the wild daisies, and took some time to take some photos on a sunny summer afternoon :)

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Sailor fuku 3

On a sunny summer Saturday, I decided to revisit the sailor fuku outfit I made earlier in January – can been seen here and here.  Himitsu beckons us to join her at the playground :)

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Dollfie Dream Bikinis random listing

** Paid items are being sorted and packed, thank you for waiting patiently, items will be mailed on weekend of 24-25 july and e-mails will be sent when they are mailed. m(_  _)m!

As I mentioned on twitter yesterday I decided to randomly list bikini sets over this coming week. When items are sold I will try to update the status when I get a chance to since I might be away from computer after I list.  On Sunday I probably won’t list anything (so everyone can relax a bit hopefully ^^;)

So how it is going to work is, if you happen to buy more than 1 set over this week on different days, I will refund any extra shipping so that you only need to pay one shipping cost for more than one set.

I will most likely be mailing everything out on weekend of 24-25 July. IF you’re very sure that you bought everything your dollfie musume wanted in one try, you can let me know and if I can pack and ship it sooner than weekend I will do so.  Hope this is clear!

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Dollfie Dream Bikinis

Work in progress ^^;;; trying to figure out details, pricing etc ^^; Can’t wait to show them tho! :P Not sure if Dollfie Dreams in tiny bikinis are considered safe for work or not, so hopefully no one gets in trouble from viewing this ^^;

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Tank top

The tank top version I made for DDdy body is a bit loose for the regular M bust body, so I adjusted the pattern a bit, may have made it a smidge tighter than I should so will probably adjust it a little bit ^^ Right now since it’s so figure hugging it clings to show the area where there the bust and torso separates.

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Tube top

We had a heat wave this week, today we’re getting some breeze as I write this entry but I am still “roasted” when I try to sew in the sewing dungeon ;_;

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Adventures of Mokotan~ 10 – Obon service

Mokotan scored a yukata specially for this outting ^^; the obi was borrowed from the Lati’s yukata which I made a long time back.

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