Dollfie Dream Bikinis

Work in progress ^^;;; trying to figure out details, pricing etc ^^; Can’t wait to show them tho! :P Not sure if Dollfie Dreams in tiny bikinis are considered safe for work or not, so hopefully no one gets in trouble from viewing this ^^;

These bikinis are made with a pattern drafted for the M-bust DDII body, but I found out that if the material I used is stretchy enough it fits the L-bust and DDdy hips somewhat as well.

Below is Himitsu in white with blue polka dots – M-bust, and Mirin in pink with white polka dots – L-bust.

The large bust and upwards the bikini top shoes the “under bust” (Or shita pai ^^;)

Below is Mirai in stripes – Dynamite normal bust, Nyanko in gingham – Dynamite limited edition bust.

Have to let Mirai stand a bit more forward as her face is a lot smaller than Nyanko’s ^^;

Nyanko and Himitsu looks a bit more balanced with similar colour hair and face size?

Yum twinnies :3 Mirai and Mirin ^^

Wanted to make/list some bikinis before the summer’s over ^^; Sorry to have kept everyone waiting!

I ran out of some trims, hope to buy some soon ^^;/ Hope you like these!

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  1. Miette-chan
    Miette-chan says:

    Aha! You are of the crew that believes summer is embodied with girls in swimsuits. It might be because that’s Nanoha’s size but I’m liking the one Himitsu is sporting the best.

    • chun
      chun says:

      I wouldn’t wear it myself but I like seeing girls with nice figures in bikinis lol! Glad you like it ^o^ Nanoha will definitely look cute in it :3

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