balldylox requested for Nyanko to wear the lovely wings I have, and I kinda wanted Nyanko to have something like a lingerie to wear with the wings, so I had to find time to work on it first… Today I had some time to test sew a pair of bottom (which still need tweaking) and here we have some quick shots taken before the sun went down super quickly ^^;

I have to apologise I am unable to make it in time to have anything Valentine specific to sell this year, I feel like I missed winter as well… I THINK I should maybe design and sew early for next year instead perhaps :P

Do you buy seasonal related clothes for your Dolls? Or do you not really care when to buy what? :) Lemme know!

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17 Responses to Sexy cupid

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    Now that a very sexy angel!!!

  2. Billy says:

    Man o’ man am I glad I asked to see this! XD I didn’t think you would get around to it but I am so glad you did! Nyankp is so very sexy and beautiful in this setup. Thanks for letting me see her in all her glory!

    • chun says:

      Hehehe Glad you like them XD She’s one of my favorite girls but I guess I don’t photograph her enough compared to my other girls lol! If only the dynamite bodies are not so tricky to make clothes for ^^;

  3. Peter Leong says:

    Awwwww! So CUTE! I love her! :D

  4. Miette-chan says:

    Oh, it’s being ages since I seen Nyanko, I think she nailed the sexy cupid look. Lingerie huh, I don’t think I ever considered getting Nanoha any.

    • chun says:

      I was quite sure I replied you lol but I guess maybe I read and forgot to reply o_o; I felt like I should at least try to make the underwear in cotton since cotton I have a lot more choices, and when I sew it it is lightly to get “eaten” by the sewing machine compared to knit fabric :) I think your Nanoha is generally well dressed ^o^

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