Doll meet 2011!

The theme of the meet was Winter Wonderland :D

The organizer rillystar, brought alot of awesome props and items and helped some of us do restringing etc, among many other things (Thanks so much!)

Quick news flash, Mai little alien is attending the upcoming Doll show on 16 Jan 2011! Check out her awesome work, ^o^!

Mai will be selling some DD Dynamite hot pants along with some other items for SD/yo-sd/obitsu boys! ^o^ (photo below belongs to

Nyanko scored a lovely necklace (which sometimes take a dive into her cleavage…) from bluestarbaby :D Elliot (standing behind Nyanko) got restrung and is probably at least going to be more active in the house (I hope!) Azunyan on the side belongs to lightningsabre ^^

pumpkin pukis in the grocery basket XD

Wallie got an extreme make over… sorta lol

Lelite’s cute boy in that cute outfit trying to intimidate Wallie :P

Another shot of the cute wee boy

Wallie being helpful

The other DD attending :D Love her hoodie <3 we met her before at a previous meet can you find her? :)

Azunyan seems to be talking about someone’s pais…

But then again, maybe she was waiting for some entertainment — the book, while she makes herself very comfortable ^^;


Nyanko scored a new hoodie for the meet :P (Made it quickly to test a pattern and try sewing a zip) she’s catching up with Hitomi :D

Bluestarbaby‘s creations for SD size dolls ^^/

For the rest of the photos please check out this set on flickr :)

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  1. billy
    billy says:

    Very nice pics! Looks like yall had fun! I wish *I* could get to yalls next meetup! I want some Mailittlealien jean shorts dammit! >_<

    • chun
      chun says:

      haha it was actually quite a relaxing doll meet, some of the folks there were catching up with each other etc :D Hopefully Mai will offer some jean/shorts on her site in future!

  2. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Elliott? Interesting name… Maybe she’ll get more clothes from mama now that she’s been restrung :3 Wait… She or he? The name’s throwing me off ^^;

    Azunyan was saying, “so I saw these two balloons stuck in a hoodie once…”

    That white watch ^^;;

    • chun
      chun says:

      Only one “t” lol she actually have some clothes but I hope in future I might make her other stuff… the only major problem is I hate her body, so chunky and child like… yuck lol But dresses may work for her…
      Azunyan:”then I decided to rest on them, they were so puni puni…”
      ecchi hands.. LOL

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