Taiga in Spring :)

This year I think we lucked out on the weather in Vancouver, it’s quite amazing that these type of Sakura (I think it is yae zakura?) is still hangin in tight at the moment!

A lot of the blooms have started to shed, as you can tell in the pictures in this entry but it’s stunning while it lasts!

Took grumpy Taiga out for some photos :P she was mad that I didn’t take much photos of her when I went out yesterday to hang out with some friends ^^;;;

The weather was so mild that I could let Taiga stand on her own for some shots :P

So cute >_<;;;

Bluebells <3 apparently there’s a light purple variety too!

Not sure what these bright yellow flowers are, but wow!

Sassy girl <3

Taiga: Are we done yet??!!

Thanks for looking ^o^;


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    • chun
      chun says:

      For some reason I thought I replied to your comment o_o I hope some nice weather comes your way soon! >_<;/

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