Taiga stands proud

Taiga wearing a top which I made a long time ago and almost sold, but I guess it’s really meant for her?

The top has to be worn thru the opening of the collar, so despite the amount of work put in, it did not sell when I tried to sell it ^^; I guess people generally like doll clothes to be easy to put on/take off :P

I had to take Taiga’s head/wig off just to put the top on her ^^;

Quite troublesome to do so, and I don’t think she likes it either ^^;

Not sure why but I like her a lot ^^;

I like my other girls too, but I guess since I already have clothes which fits Taiga’s MDD body, it’s easier to play with her without feeling that I don’t have something for her to wear…

I had been thinking about taking my blythes out, but seriously haven’t gotten shelving for them yet, so gotta delay doing so ^^; In fact I probably should pack away some of the smaller items laying around, as they do become a hindrance when I need to sew in the room ^^;

Hope you enjoyed this set of photos :) Sweet bear from ihavewings! ^^/

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    I like looking at Taiga’s pics~ She just kinda pulls you in I think. I like the shirt you made, it seems to suit Taiga very well. But I would like a shirt that takes off and puts on easy as well. I would probably make a compromise if it’s a really really beautiful item and the integrity of it would be destroyed if it had an opening in the back. Her boots look like the ones I have on Nyia, but Nyia’s has fluffy lining on either side.

    • chun
      chun says:

      Hehehe cos Taiga is bossy? LOL I think Nyia’s boots has nicer details :) I think DD’s heads are easy to remove compared to regular stringed BJD (Unless they improved the design over these years)

  2. Phoenix
    Phoenix says:

    Arrrr Taiga’s so cute. Make me want to get a MDD as well.

    Oh yeah I also always just take the head/wig off the doll when I put on clothes. Makes it so much easier and won’t mess up with the hair. Not sure how it wears down the neck part though.

    • chun
      chun says:

      I see I see, Thanks for your input :) I sometimes try to make a back opening but I think when the clothing opens like regular human clothing it looks better from the back at least lol!

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