Testing a out cotton fabric and thread, the pants is also “payment” for Nyanko who worked hard to model my recent sewings :)

Please note, for this pair of pants, I am still testing to see if there might be staining issues, so I am not likely selling until I am more sure of how it does.

The fabric used is cotton, not denim. I like how the colour goes with the orange thread :) The cotton fabric is the same type used for the first attempt, which I found out the black thread(not the cotton) actually stains DD ^^; So to be safe, Nyanko is bravely testing it out…

Another thing I noticed is that this dark fabric tends to attract lint (even after a wash)! Need to do a sticky roller treatment ^^;;

Otsukaresama Nyanko~!

On monday, a couple hand worked headbands came in the mail from hello buraisu, thank you Jenny~!  I wanted to get some of the headbands for my DD girls for a while now, and we’re pleased that they fit okay, had to tuck it behind the ears but it’s nice and sturdy ^o^

Below is the clear blue with sparkles…

Opaque red, a bit thicker.

Ja mata nyan~!

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19 Responses to Pants for the Dynamite body 5

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    nice plants

  2. Gabriel Rodis says:

    ahm, i would like to ask, what dollfie dream is she?

    • chun says:

      Hi, she’s a Yoko Dollfie Dream, but I bought her 2nd hand, without her original clothes/wig/accessories ^^

  3. gottacleanmyroom says:

    I’ve just started reading your blog. Your dollfie clothes are AMAZING!!!

    I’ve gotta know, where did you get the pattern for the shirt Nyako’s wearing? Or did you make it yourself? O.O

  4. coffeebugg says:

    Ooh.. hot pants. Me likey.

  5. kmyk says:

    Those pants in that shade of blue makes feel uneasy!

    • chun says:

      oh if you feel unease about staining, it hasn’t stained yet lol Nyanko’s been wearing it since last Tuesday ^^ This series cotton seems to be okay locally, but I cannot try it in a humid climate so I’m not sure about that. I still have yet to try their deep red out but I think pants looks better in blues :3

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