Dollfie Dream Bikini 3

Ah, felt like I haven’t taken DD photos for a bit ^^; Especially need to take more of Aki before the day(daylight) gets shorter ^^;

It’s Autumn here already but it feels like I want to make some bikini despite that, DDs can always wear bikinis when going for a holiday in a tropical country no? ;D

Feeling bad that Aki hasn’t gotten much air time since arrival ^^;

Sometimes I think Aki gives me a little of Tamaki vibe, but I think she’s more beautiful XD (Tamaki is more mischievious)

Her hair seems to have a few different shades in person, but it is hard to capture in photographs ^^;

Her dark hair, eyes, and sweet smile gives her an innocent feeling no?

So sweet XD

Aki is learning to twist my finger to get what she wants tho… ^^; I take a pause from what I was doing to make this for her ^^;

Is she a schemer?

Slowly catching up with some sewing work ^^; The bikini on Nyanko is currently being made for someone – before I stopped taking commission (oops) ^^;  The pattern has since been tweaked a bit, I am still working on the bottom >_<;

Nyan! Really like Nyanko in bikini ^o^

Nyanko is feeling cattier than usual ever since Aki arrives…

I’m glad dollfie dreams are not afraid of cold :P

Bikini bottom, needs to be tweaked (this one, some stitches are wonky =_=)

Kawaii and sexy rawr

Obligatory docking pix :P

Have a nice weekend!

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