Ginny’s great outdoors adventure

Decided to walk to work as I missed my bus — would be later than late if I waited for the next bus so I thought okay might as well bring a doll with me and make the best of it all! Ginny is the lucky grab at the last minute pick of the day ^o^;! 

So glad I brought her out as I managed to take some pictures which I am rather happy with :D

She was understandably a bit miffed that we couldn’t stay at the playground for too long ^^;

Giving me evil eye? ^^;;;;

I kinda carried her on my arm while I walk towards my destination :P kinda oblivious to any possible weird looks people may be giving me lol

I think after having taken pictures of blythe dolls outside and developing a relatively thick hide, or maybe I just make sure there’s not too many people around when I take photos, it’s a lot easier to take photos of dolls outside :P

She went on the slide a few times ;)

Sorry Ginny, gotta go ^^;

Saw these beautiful scene, had to take some more pictures!

This one looks so much like a postcard image!

Fast forward… Took some non doll related photos which can be found on this entry in my artblog

Ginny is HUNGRY she wants dindin NAO (lol)


^o^ Hope you enjoyed these series as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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  1. chun
    chun says:

    @Arayden lol I do have a yoga mat bag which is the right size for my dollfie dream ^^ Mamachapps are not very big ^^

  2. Arayden
    Arayden says:

    You won’t want to stuff poor 60cms into a 17 inch bag. Kinda like having to put kyon’s sister in a bag.. :d~~~~

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