Mirai goes Cherryblossom hunting!

Needed to run an errand today and since the weather forecast said it will rain on the weekend I decided to bring Mirai chan with me to do some cherryblossom hunting for a bit and I’m so glad I did!  Mirai looks very very moe here no?!

Mirai melts my heart!

Husband kindly drove us to some residential streets which we see trees blooming ^o^
He helped me hold Mirai up for this shot ;)!

I used a $8 CAD doll stand I bought from a craft store to have Mirai stand more securely on the ground, but took some risks with some of the photos since it wasn’t windy  today.^^; Mirai did fall backwards once tho :P Her wig came off for a bit (oops!)


Some of the houses at the area are very nice ^o^ I hope we weren’t transpassing :P

Very nice bamboo plant in the background ^o^

Mirai has legs up to heavens ^^;

Super dollfie model!!!

The burst of yellow in the background is a kind of flower which we often see in spring time too ^^ Makes a great backdrop :3

Mirai taking a stroll on the streets :P We got some looks from passerbys haha thankfully most just smile and say hello lol!

Mirai loves spring flowers! :D Also the nice spring weather temperature ^o^

Took this while in the car, thought it look like heart shape ^o^


Funny omake (behind the scenes) photo taken by husband :P My face look awful so hence the censor lol!

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed these series as much as I enjoyed taking them :3 Unfortunately my camera is failing after taking a bunch of photos (started jamming =_=) so time to save up for a new one ^^;;;;

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  1. Kuraikawai
    Kuraikawai says:

    Thank you very much! I found it :D now just need to translate it with a dictionary because it’s a japanese page^^ The other link was great too! all those outfits are sooo cute :))) Thaaaaank yoooooouuuu! :))

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