Introducing…. An up and coming line: “The emperor’s new clothes”! Created by little fairy hands… with mastermind Ebichu~!

Preorder will open sometime in April… details undercut!

Warning photos are probably NSFW… 

you have been warned!



This outfit fits all DD sizes, in these series of photos it is seen being worn on DDS single torso, (click images for full size version :P)

Below is Nyanko wearing the Dynamite body version, called Birthday suit….


Another one which I won’t show the thumbnail as it is most likely really NSFW :P

Click here to see…







Thanks for staying with us for so long :) Real products and preorders will be back sometime mid April :P

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6 Responses to New product preorder coming soon!

  1. Ha! Bringing out the natural beauty out eh? :P

  2. chibinezumi says:

    XD This new style leaves little to the imagination…XD

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