Thank you! :D

I received a photo update by Syaorankun (Shaun) on his twitter! And requested permission to use his photo :3

While I am unable to physically attend, I am very very grateful to Mai and gang for helping me and everyone who kindly supported!!! *touched* (感動!!)

ETA: Thank you namonamo san for taking photos at our booths! XD Here is a blog entry at d*d*mod ^o^!

Thank you everyone!!!

ETA: received a few photos from mailittlealien ^o^! ottsukaresama m(_   _)m!!!

2 more photos under cut :3

One of these days I hope I will be actually behind the table lol XP

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  1. Syaoran
    Syaoran says:

    When I left the table looked clear of clothes. I cant find my own pins but they are probably in some bag. Finally got some chun clothes!

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