Mokotan found a 20% Fisheye Lomography Camera in her size, after I attached a strap to it she decided to go around to take pictures ^^;

Say cheese! *click!*

Hmmm let’s check the settings…

Hmmm…  What else can Mokotan take pictures of?

Maybe she’ll take photos of Yoshi…




OMG Yoshi’s too close! GO away! (Mokotan was rescued before Yoshi has a chance to push her down :P)

Let’s take picture of Yoshi from a safer spot :P

Let’s find a different subject… Ginko!

Pose for the camera!

Yoshi the ham joins in again…


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7 Responses to Adventures of Mokotan~ 13 – the camera

  1. reaperofleaves says:

    These are sooo cute! I love how the cata re like, ‘what are you doing tiny person?’ especially yoshi. >,< My grandparents dog is very afraid of my dolls, epecially when I move their arms around, lol. Mokotan took some great pics! ^^

  2. Soundwav2010 says:

    lol Aww Mokotan is cute lol talk about dangerous

  3. Bluestarbaby says:

    got to be careful or one day Yoshi-san may decide to eat Mokotan for lunch.. Yumm =)

  4. Wow, Mokotan sure lives dangerously! Very nice photos here ^o^ You must’ve just pressed the shutter fast before Yoshi could get to Mokotan XD

    • chun says:

      lol she’s smaller, faster to just snatch up away from Yoshi XD I was also using the DSLR camera which has faster responce :3

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