One afternoon I biked out to run some errands and decided, the heck, I should take Saya out for some photos! :P

Too bad I was actually quite short for time so I ended up did not take that many photos, and I looked thru them, they felt a little… not so creative ^^;

I biked around this area before and noticed that the daisies were blooming ^o^ Too bad the area is closed off otherwise I would have taken more photos around it.

Took a risk and let Saya stand on this part of a fence(?) which has some kind of a rubber piece on top of the post…

It was slightly breezy so a little dangerous lol

Such a dreamy girl :3

Saya’s jeans is by mailittlealien, and the top is a test piece which I made before I adjusted and finalised the pattern for my previous webshop update :3

Thanks for looking! :D

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10 Responses to Saya overload?

  1. carmenxoxo says:

    Never get tired of Saya!!!! Love her Mai jeans!!!!

  2. Mark U says:

    My how I’ve missed your girls :3

  3. Smithy says:

    Agreed, there’s no such thing as a Saya overload!

    It’s always great to see photos of your DD cuties taken when you’re out and about. ^^

  4. No such thing as overload with this girl, she’s just so pretty!!!

  5. Daisy says:

    Saya, cute as always! d^_^b

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