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I have something planned and needed to get a couple doll wigs for it, and a friend told me about decided to give them a try as their pricing seems quite reasonable.


I was looking for a red wig and a light blue wig, and looking around on their website, they have an option called “PRE-ORDER WIG” so I found pre ordered a couple wigs which caught my eye.

Saya (Sakuya – Shining Hearts) is modeling this light blue wig. Take note, this is not meant for her ^^;

[FMD-1084] Boring day, Size : LL(9.5-10inchs) Heat resisting fiber : F9-1

Notes: I found the blue colour a little different from what I had in mind, I like the layering but the bangs were unfortunately too long, I had to trim it. Below is after I trimmed it, the bangs was initially covering her eyes ^^; The fiber is very soft tho!

This may give a hint what I’m trying to make :P


[FMD-1071] Dream cacao, Size : LL(9.5-10 inches) Heat resisting fiber : 135

This red wig happened to fit Nyanko very well XD It was not intended for her tho, but I may have to think about it, maybe get her a wig of similar colour later?

The making of the wig was supposed to take about a month, but turned out they got them done within about a week, and it was on it’s way to Canada by EMS. The only scary thing was that the box was crushed (see picture below), luckily the wigs were fine, despite one of them having the cardboard rim around it crushed as well >_<;

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    • chun
      chun says:

      The wigs I ordered fit Nyanko (Yoko DD) and Saya (Sakuya)okay, their head seems a bit bigger compared to my Yukino DD? I would get the smaller size wig BUT risk them being too small ^^;

      • Kumi
        Kumi says:

        I see. Thanks for the reply.
        But I’ve heard that Yukino can wear even 7-8″ wigs because it’s one of the smaller heads.
        My DDs have only 8-9″ wigs. Some of them are bit tight, but so far every one fits.

  1. carmenxoxo
    carmenxoxo says:

    I think she looks lovely in the blue wig. Hmmm, I recently ordered two wigs from them and the box came squashed like yours…..time for some new packaging I think!!!!

  2. Ausra
    Ausra says:

    Saya in blue wig looks very cool! I very liked hair style in last Saya’s photo!^^
    And Nyanko looks great in red wig! <3

    • chun
      chun says:

      Thank you :) The wig is not meant for her lol but she was available to try it out XD Nyanko’s meant to have red hair, due to her brows XD

  3. Yu Chann
    Yu Chann says:

    If my guess is correct. I cant wait to see the 2 of them in Doll form. The combination of that 2 colors. For those who know you long enough… XD

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