When I started editing photos last evening I realised that I forgot to take photos of Nyanko wearing the new Miruya wig which Aki claimed ^^;

So here we have lovely Nyanko in it! :D

Doesn’t look too bad no?

In future when I have a bit extra funds, hope to find a slightly darker wig in that style :P

I let Mirai try the wig but it was so big for her small head, it cover her ears (which look bad) so I just took photos of Mirai in the Leeke World wig from before ^^;

Omake… LOL inspired by that famous dollfie hold ^^;

Variation XD

Have a nice week! :)

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8 Responses to Wig comparison

  1. Smithy says:

    Cute! Again proof that Yoko is one of the greatest DD’s, she looks absolutely fabulous in any wig.

    • chun says:

      hehehe I think if her brows are not red, she’ll look even better in various wigs ^o^ But I’m glad she looks cute in this one :3

  2. Miette-chan says:

    Nyanko looks good too, although I think she looks better with the darker wig. Then again it could be I’m used to seeing her wearing it.

  3. theorist_pl says:

    pose from omake starts to be popular, just like “my …. can’t be this …”

  4. MacaronTea says:

    Your girls look sweet in their wigs, always such great expressions. Still loving your floral top. ^_^

    Waa…Mamachapp stealing the show! :D

    • chun says:

      Hehe That top is an all time favorite XD Mokotan (mamachapp) actually jumped off Mirai’s arm once when I was posing them… trying to be a falcon? ^^;;;

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