formydoll wigs

I have something planned and needed to get a couple doll wigs for it, and a friend told me about decided to give them a try as their pricing seems quite reasonable.


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Long time no Aki

It was a busy month!  It’s still very busy at the moment, with Blythe con coming up very very quickly (eep) and quite a few visiting relatives last month, I had no time for blogging ^^;

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Jpopdolls wigs

Okay… couple Jpopdolls wigs came in on friday ^^;

I partly blame shrike900 :P cos he got me browsing and before I knew it ermmm… ^^;; BUT I am also glad I made the plunge as I think Mirai finally finally got a REAL permanent wig :P

Before I continue, I wish to share with you link to flickr photos tagged with a recent doll meet we crashed lol, I recommend reading Galamirix’s blog entry for the full experience :P

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Crobidoll Wigs

Broke down and acquired a couple wigs from Crobidoll, ^^; there was a slight delay due to some public holidays in Korea, but after they shipped it, it reached us quickly :)

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Wig comparison

When I started editing photos last evening I realised that I forgot to take photos of Nyanko wearing the new Miruya wig which Aki claimed ^^;

So here we have lovely Nyanko in it! :D

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Miruya Wig

Would you believe me if I say I didn’t intend to buy another wig so soon? ^^;

Aki made me… ^^;

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Leeke World Wigs

About a week ago, I took advantage of a one day free shipping promotion Leeke World was having and bought 2 more wigs, and 2 small hair pieces.

Picture below is a combination of the previous Leeke World wig I bought and the 2 hair pieces ^^

I found out about the hair pieces thru miuofstars on her Sakuno post, had to get a couple for my Aki ^^; I think it will look cute on Himitsu too, I should try it on her sometime.

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Leeke World Wig

I did a combine order with Mai and got a new wig from Leeke World, it makes Aki look more childlike – I love it! XD

The wig is this style, W080_E in Baby Brown. (not L size I realise I post wrong size before so sorry! ^^;)

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I was inspired to dig out most of the wigs which I own to try on Aki (Yuki Morikawa dollfie dream).

1) I trimmed the pink wig which she was wearing in the previous post ^^;

Thank you Motoko Yamamoto for pointing me out to the link I lost!  The link where Yuki Morikawa dollfie dream was trying out many different wigs XD

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