It was a busy month!  It’s still very busy at the moment, with Blythe con coming up very very quickly (eep) and quite a few visiting relatives last month, I had no time for blogging ^^;

Some items came in the mail during the period of busy, only have time to take photos nao :P

Aki is wearing a wig from Sunny’s Wonderful World, the source was kindly pointed out to me by someone on (sorry I can’t find the post  at the moment, will link up when I do ^^;) and cool cat eyes type RD-06 in orange red.

I like how the eyes are a bit lighter than the Parabox anime eyes, tho I think I may like it more if it showed a bit more eye-white?

Aki look more intense with the new eyes I think ^^;

Dress is a quick test of an idea, it used a lot of fabric ^^;; Lovely necklace by bluestardolls :D

Hope to have more photos to share when I have time!

23 Responses to Long time no Aki

  1. Korie Wiley says:

    Nice summer dress!!!

  2. Okazaki-san says:

    Ah…Aki,it’s been some time.The dress suits her well.

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