Crobidoll Wigs

Broke down and acquired a couple wigs from Crobidoll, ^^; there was a slight delay due to some public holidays in Korea, but after they shipped it, it reached us quickly :)

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Puppy Love Maid for you set – Dollfie Dream M-bust

27 Feb 2011 (sun): Package shipped, tracking information sent to buyer also left a positive feedback over ebay :D thanks so much!

Sorry, hope you guys are not sick of the Maid outfit yet :P

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Maid Aki at a cafe…

Earlier today, we attended a small doll meet at a recently open cafe called Nikkoffee, the waitresses’s uniform looks kinda like maid outfit ^o^!

It was what inspired me to make the maid outfit ^^;

Too bad I was too chicken to ask the waitresses to take a photo with Aki together :P maybe next time lol!

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Aki at your service!

Good day Sir, how can I help you?

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Dollfie Dream Lion dance

Over the weekend, we were running some errands and came across some pretty cool Chinese new year props which I thought my girls will enjoy :D Then monday a mail loot arrived for my musumes – Thanks Gordon and Alvin!

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