Wind in her hair

It was another busy week, and the weather was funky, so earlier today when the blue sky momentarily peeped out from the clouds, I had to take Saya out to take some quick photos!

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Cloudy and a little bit of Saya

Had been rather busy, wanted to take Saya out a few times but was foiled by other things ^^;

Earlier today managed to steal some time before making dinner to take her out for a few quick photos before the rainy forecast next week ^^;

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Saya relaxing at home

Haven’t really brought Saya out just yet, still a bit wary of over stressing the DDIII body, but I do like how the arms can bend at the elbow a bit more compared to the DDII body. (not shown in this post tho ^^;)

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Pi chan and Mokotan visits the night market

We went to support a couple friend’s Yo Yo Tsuri stall at the Richmond night market near bridgeport station (Near River Rock Casino)

My friend lend me some ideas to bring dolls over for photos and I brought Pi chan and Mokotan :P

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