Jpopdolls wigs

Okay… couple Jpopdolls wigs came in on friday ^^;

I partly blame shrike900 :P cos he got me browsing and before I knew it ermmm… ^^;; BUT I am also glad I made the plunge as I think Mirai finally finally got a REAL permanent wig :P

Before I continue, I wish to share with you link to flickr photos tagged with a recent doll meet we crashed lol, I recommend reading Galamirix’s blog entry for the full experience :P

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Pi chan update

Did a slight adjustment to the make up for Pi chan :D Can you spot the difference? ;) I think I like it a lot better now :)

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Parabox 40 cm custom

I got increasingly curious about the Parabox 40 cm body after seeing this flickr group discussion, and the 伝達戦士コクチバンR (Galaxy Police) blog’s cute P-chan custom doll didn’t help the temptation…

Today a head, body and wig arrived…

Warning: Doll nudity ahead, probably NSFW.

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Dollfie Dream Bikinis 5 — Sisterly love

Moar bikini documentation, also a separate stain testing in bikini format, but I would still advice to not leave coloured clothes on for extended period without checking, just in case due to other reasons like humidity and heat.

I enjoyed shooting this series of photos with Mirai (brown eyes Yukino default) and Mirin (blue eyes custom make up by me).

Mirai is in a DDdy body, Mirin is L-bust DDII ^^

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Puppy Love Bikini Battle – Dollfie Dream M/L-bust

17 May 2011: Item reached winner today, positive feedback received thank you so much!

9 May 2011: Item shipped today :D positive feedback left, and also e-mailed the winner.

8 May 2011: Payment received from speedy winner, communicated regarding shipping, items have been packed, should be shipping tomorrow :) also the amount has been donated ^^/

7 May 2011: Auction ended, thank you all so much on behalf of the charity the percentage of the auction is going to! Will be packing the items soon, have e-mailed the buyer to check on some details regarding shipping :)

Summer is coming! Let’s do Bikini Battle! :P
20% of the proceeds from this set of doll clothing will go to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund via globalgiving.

2 bikini sets, 1 pants, 1 cardigan, 1 top, 1 skirt ^o^ Fighto Japan! :3

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Maid Aki and the tea set 2

Helped a friend to purchase another one of the tea set, and to save on shipping Aki and I decided to disassemble the box and repack it into a smaller box ^^;

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Taiga meets Nendoroids

Thanks Radiantdreamer for hanging out with Nendoroids! ^^ Reminds me how cute Nendoroids are ^^;

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