Dollfie Dream Bikinis 5 — Sisterly love

Moar bikini documentation, also a separate stain testing in bikini format, but I would still advice to not leave coloured clothes on for extended period without checking, just in case due to other reasons like humidity and heat.

I enjoyed shooting this series of photos with Mirai (brown eyes Yukino default) and Mirin (blue eyes custom make up by me).

Mirai is in a DDdy body, Mirin is L-bust DDII ^^

I love how the picture below has a slight hint of innocence from Mirin ^o^

Mirai looked like she’s chiding Mirin XD

Concerned Mirin, probably wondering why I’m taking pix of her in the sexy bikini :P

Confident Mirai oneechan XD

Sexy sisters… rawr

Starting to sizzle…. phew! Docking… *pass out*

Below comparison of the hip/bum size XD

Thanks for looking! :3

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