Fun weekend with dolls and friends :D

It started with yummy brunch, I took my momoko out ^O^

Unfortunately a lot of my photos are blurry ;_; Anyhows here are some of those which are not too blurry ^^; 

Only got a photo of the nice nice momoko shoes on Yuki san‘s Momoko ^^;

Mai san‘s Wataru kun has cool shoes too! O_O (Sorry a bit blurry ;_;)

I brought Mirai Yukino out! XD I found a bag made for Yoga mat which was the right size, I just had to wrap Mai chan up in a towel ^^ Wataru Kun protect Mira’s modesty? ^^;

Dollies invade human back (lol)

Thanks again to my friends for the nice day out ^O^ If you wish to see some food pix…. you can check out my non doll related blog entry ;)

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  1. mai
    mai says:

    lol! when did u take pic of Mirai-chan and Wataru? that’s so funny. I often find my Wataru in pretty ladies cleavage and clutches… lol. ooops did i just say CLUTCH? dah!

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